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Google Checkout is live!

June 29, 2006

I’d be interested to see how this fairs against the likes of paypal. Whilst i have nothing against paypal, with the mighty google in the picture i can see them making more that just a little impact in the world of online payment processing. The advantages of the google system is that it will link in with your adword campaigns, giving you free payment processing for every £x’s of adword ‘tokens’. As opposed to the likes of worldpay and secpay which charge per transaction, this is effectively giving you a load of free adwords tokens. Nice!

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Google releases Google Calendar

April 16, 2006

Google has just released Google Calendar. Finally! Check it out in all it's web 2.0 goodness.

Windows XP on a Macbook Pro

April 12, 2006

Well it's happened. I think i felt a little sick whilst doing it but, i've installed XP on my Macbook Pro using Apple's Bootcamp

One thing which i'm reasured about is that Windows XP can't read HFS+ which means that it's not going to be doing any writing to my Mac OS X Partition. Nice. 🙂

First impressions of the Macbook Pro

March 30, 2006

I've been using this for a couple of days now and i have to say it's pretty fantastic. It was a good decision by Apple to move to Intel, i have to say. 

On first boot i noticed a bit of laggyness with the keyboard and trackpad. I'd hoped that i'd not been sent a duffer. It's working totally fine now so i recon it was probably something to do with spotlight indexing or something similar which needed to be setup by the os.  

A little feature which i'd not read about anywhere but which kept me guessing for a couple of mins was the 'sleep' led lighting when the screen is off. I know this to be a feature of the cinema display but for some reason when i saw it on the Macbook it indicated to me it was asleep. After some poking in the control panels trying to figure out why it was sleeping when i'd told it not to, i reaslised why it was doing it. When the screen goes off it will display the led constantly rather then pulsating as when asleep. Neat little feature to show your lappy is still on. Nice.

More to come as I find it… 

Macbook Pro (Part 2)

March 28, 2006

Well it's arrived. Unfortunately it's in Leeds and i'm in London. Grrr….

My Macbook Pro

March 25, 2006

Ok, it’s no secret, i love Apple. I love everything about them. All the products they make are truly amazing. It’s great watching Microsoft playing catchup all the time. This time they have excelled themselves!

I saw the specs on the new Macbook Pro and decided i wanted one. Went on the search for a buyer for my 1.33 15″ Powerbook G4 and called Apple to order one. Now i’d heard many reports of the lead time on these and the many delays people were having in getting hold of them. Fair enough, i’m not that desperate we’ll just see what happens.

The story begins with a call to the UK Apple Store. Ended up through to a really helpful sales assistant called Maxime. Reeled off the spec I wanted to check it was available, turned out it was. I was asked if i wanted to make the order which resulted in my standard response… “I’ll just order it from the website”. “But i can do it cheaper!”. What? Am i missing something? The Apple Store telephone dept can do it cheaper than the Apple store Website! Ok, how much cheaper? We suffice it to say, it was a very tempting offer, which i happily obliged. This bad boy is on order.

Now I check out the status of my order on a regular basis, hoping my some long shot it would be shipped some time sooner than the estimated 21st April. I wasn’t holding out much hope but you never know. My order was placed 4 days ago and i’ve just received an email telling me that it’s shipped!!! Come ON!

Bring on the 2.0Ghz Core Duo, 100gb, 1gb ram!

Firefox and Google Firefox extensions

March 10, 2006

I know i’m probably a bit late to the firefox party, i just can’t get myself over the “I’m an Apple user, therefore i must use safari”. Anyway, i’m trying it out OK? Now i’ve just discovered the most amazingly cool thing i’ve seen in a long time. From Google Labs we have the Google Firefox Extensions and most notably the Web Comments plugin. Now whenever i visit a page on the web i get a little popup letting me know about pages linking to this page. Now i know that technorati has the functionality but it’s different when it’s just there all the time. Thanks Google!

Google Pages

February 23, 2006

It seems that google have done it once again. Google Pages has just been released. “Google Page Creator is a free online tool that makes it easy for anyone to create and publish useful, attractive web pages in just minutes.” google. It’s not quite Apple’s iWeb but once again google just make it happen.

Nokia 770

February 14, 2006

I ordered Nokia 770 internet tablet on friday, and it’s supposed to be turing up today. Imagine my excitement when i turned up to work, to find a UPS van outside the front door… We’ll he’s been and gone and i still don’t have any hardware to show for it.

I decided to call UPS and find out if the guy just forgot to deliver it. Apparently it’s all fine and it’ll be delivered today. Better Be!

More details on my experience with this fantastic (on paper anyway) bit of Nokia kit will follow.

Pez MP3 Player

February 9, 2006
 Images Whiteblack-2 I somehow knew at the back of my mind that this would become a reality one day. The miniaturisation of components and the improvement in the manufacturing process has made the Pez MP3 Player a reality.