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Random Act of Kindness

June 23, 2006

Who say’s that nice people don’t exist anymore in big cities? Heading over to watch Mission Impossible 3 in Leeds with Steve, we decided to call into Nandos in the Light. After finishing our burgers we were greeted by a Waitress asking if we going to be watching the footy or Pirates of the Caribbean on the 6th of July. We you can imagine my response! Footy pah, who watches that! Which of course turned into a full on conversation about films etc.. Once i get going on films there’s no stopping it 🙂 Following our conversation she offered to cover our deserts. I was just blown away by that. Not that anyone will ever read this but that was just super kind! Thank you! Now i admit not many of you would find this very interesting but to me it offers a glimmer that people do exist in big cities which have time for others.

This is turning into a ‘people who have been randomly nice to me’ blog… lol

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Bus drives into Leeds Subway Store

April 25, 2006

I’ve just been informed by a work collegue that a bus has just driven into the Subway store on Infirmary Street. Here are some pictures check it out! Turns out it was Ainsleys rather than subway (still means i can’t get in for a beef on honey oat!)

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