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Google Checkout is live!

June 29, 2006

I’d be interested to see how this fairs against the likes of paypal. Whilst i have nothing against paypal, with the mighty google in the picture i can see them making more that just a little impact in the world of online payment processing. The advantages of the google system is that it will link in with your adword campaigns, giving you free payment processing for every £x’s of adword ‘tokens’. As opposed to the likes of worldpay and secpay which charge per transaction, this is effectively giving you a load of free adwords tokens. Nice!

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Random Act of Kindness

June 23, 2006

Who say’s that nice people don’t exist anymore in big cities? Heading over to watch Mission Impossible 3 in Leeds with Steve, we decided to call into Nandos in the Light. After finishing our burgers we were greeted by a Waitress asking if we going to be watching the footy or Pirates of the Caribbean on the 6th of July. We you can imagine my response! Footy pah, who watches that! Which of course turned into a full on conversation about films etc.. Once i get going on films there’s no stopping it 🙂 Following our conversation she offered to cover our deserts. I was just blown away by that. Not that anyone will ever read this but that was just super kind! Thank you! Now i admit not many of you would find this very interesting but to me it offers a glimmer that people do exist in big cities which have time for others.

This is turning into a ‘people who have been randomly nice to me’ blog… lol

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Google releases Google Calendar

April 16, 2006

Google has just released Google Calendar. Finally! Check it out in all it's web 2.0 goodness.

Planet Earth

March 12, 2006

I’ve just been having a snoop on the BBC website trying to find info about the new Planet Earth Series, looks excellent.

They have a cool little flash app where you can explore and pull up video content on a particular area.

Nice but i recon a tie into Google Earth with BBC content just like the National Geographic does would have been better. I’m not saying that it’s not fantastic but i’m all for open sharing, would probably have pushed all the Google Earth users at the BBC too. Anyway check it out!

Firefox and Google Firefox extensions

March 10, 2006

I know i’m probably a bit late to the firefox party, i just can’t get myself over the “I’m an Apple user, therefore i must use safari”. Anyway, i’m trying it out OK? Now i’ve just discovered the most amazingly cool thing i’ve seen in a long time. From Google Labs we have the Google Firefox Extensions and most notably the Web Comments plugin. Now whenever i visit a page on the web i get a little popup letting me know about pages linking to this page. Now i know that technorati has the functionality but it’s different when it’s just there all the time. Thanks Google!