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Never seen that on the London Underground

May 3, 2006

Ok so 1.) I’m not a Londoner and 2.) I’ve only ever commented in London at rush hour once before, but…. I’ve never seen them stop people at the entry barriers to elevate the pressure on the platforms. Very interesting (or annoying if you’re trying to get somewhere).

Saw this happen at Victoria underground station this morning (Circle and District Lines).


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Bus drives into Leeds Subway Store

April 25, 2006

I’ve just been informed by a work collegue that a bus has just driven into the Subway store on Infirmary Street. Here are some pictures check it out! Turns out it was Ainsleys rather than subway (still means i can’t get in for a beef on honey oat!)

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Macbook Pro Sound Issues (windows xp)

April 24, 2006

It seems that when running Windows XP via Bootcamp on a Macbook Pro there's problems with the sound drivers supplied by Apple. I discovered this when playing Battle for Middleearth 2 on a particularly boring train journey from London to Leeds last week. On removing my earphones I discovered that sound was still emanating from the built in speakers. To my horror i'd been playing the game with everyone in my immediate vicinity able to hear what was going on. I know i'd have been annoyed had i been on the receiving end. How embarrassing!