LG Pah

On the recommendation of my friend at work i opted to buy an LG 32 LCD (32lx2r). Well all i can say is that I’m very disappointed. Reading about it seems that many LCD have the problem of rendering black correctly (my Apple Cinema Displays however don’t have this problem – go figure). When the LG is just showing something which is meant to be black it’s just grey (backlight showing though) and as you can imagine this affects the picture you can get from the set.

In addition to this problem it won’t work with a sky+ remote version 6 and below (which is the current model) and doesn’t auto switch on receiving a wide/not wide signal from the channel. All in all i’m very disappointed and in addition to that curry’s won’t take it back! I always buy Sony! Why did i do this? No worries it’ll not happen again!

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