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The thing about London is…

May 3, 2006

It’s so much richer (not monetary) that anywhere else in the UK i’ve experienced (and probably the world. But since I’m not widely traveled i can’t make that observation). I guess some of that comes from being more ethnically diverse that the rest of the country.

Just yesterday i was heading towards Camden Town to take my bass in for a tune up (the Northern Line was suffering severe delays due to a signal failure or some such excuse). I asked a 50 year old or so lady, of what seemed to me to be West African origin (maybe Cameroon), if this was the right direction to Camden. She told me yes then proceeded to walk me to the door of the Bass Shop if was heading too. Found out she played guitar and harp(?!) and was looking for a tutor to develop her skills. Super helpful.

Now I was always under the impression that everyone down South was rude and if you were to even ask for directions you’d be ignored. I guess this prejudice works it’s way down from our parents and grandparents. I have to say that in the past few years of visiting London i’ve yet to experience anything like this. All i’ve seen of London is friendly and helpful. People dress how they want with not even a look of disgust from their fellow Londoners. Everyone seems to be accepted for who they are. Now i accept in my limited experience of this city i may not have the full picture but I imagine there’s a lot we in the rest of the country can learn

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Never seen that on the London Underground

May 3, 2006

Ok so 1.) I’m not a Londoner and 2.) I’ve only ever commented in London at rush hour once before, but…. I’ve never seen them stop people at the entry barriers to elevate the pressure on the platforms. Very interesting (or annoying if you’re trying to get somewhere).

Saw this happen at Victoria underground station this morning (Circle and District Lines).


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