First impressions of the Macbook Pro

I've been using this for a couple of days now and i have to say it's pretty fantastic. It was a good decision by Apple to move to Intel, i have to say. 

On first boot i noticed a bit of laggyness with the keyboard and trackpad. I'd hoped that i'd not been sent a duffer. It's working totally fine now so i recon it was probably something to do with spotlight indexing or something similar which needed to be setup by the os.  

A little feature which i'd not read about anywhere but which kept me guessing for a couple of mins was the 'sleep' led lighting when the screen is off. I know this to be a feature of the cinema display but for some reason when i saw it on the Macbook it indicated to me it was asleep. After some poking in the control panels trying to figure out why it was sleeping when i'd told it not to, i reaslised why it was doing it. When the screen goes off it will display the led constantly rather then pulsating as when asleep. Neat little feature to show your lappy is still on. Nice.

More to come as I find it… 

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